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“...A Creative Children's Development Center & Outreach
of the Israelite Church of God in Christ”

Little Theo’s World transports children between the learning center and District #3 schools. We do not provide transportation between the learning center and your home. This service is only provided to those children who abide by the transportation policies for conduct which is included in the authorization for school transportation. An authorization form must be filled out each year. Field trips taken by the center which requires your child to be transported at any time will only be done after a written authorization slip is current and on-file. All vehicles are insured and drivers meet the state requirements for driving. In case of an emergency on the road, each driver is equipped with a fire extinguisher, first aid supplies and a cellular telephone.

Transportation Safety Rules

They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Staff will actively supervise the children at all times
  • There will be a first aid kit in the vehicle at all times
  • The children/staff are not permitted to eat or drink on the bus
  • Whenever possible, the children will be unloaded next to the curb
  • Children will never be left unattended on the bus